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Two (2) new Community Service Projects introduced during this year's District Conference

During this year’s District Conference, we are launching two new signature community service projects, “Let’s Tie Things Up” and “Alpha Men Do Read” to impact the communities in South Carolina. These initiatives will serve as the ‘signature’ community service projects of our District Conference but also as service initiatives that chapters will be able to conduct in their respective area.

South Carolina brothers will serve middle school male students through the Let’s Tie Things Up initiative by conducting interactive workshops regarding the importance of a positive and professional male image and career readiness. Brothers will cover a range of topics from dress for success, verbal communication strategies, tips to being successful in work environments, to career exploration. Brothers will ultimately support young men in tying ties with a supply of donated necktie and bow ties.

According to National Assessment of Education Progress (NEAP), nearly 70 percent of Black fourth grade boys read below level. With an ‘urgency for now’, the Alpha Men Do Read initiative represents the District’s proactive measure to promote literacy development in elementary schools. The brothers will launch a book drive and dedicate reading time at local elementary schools. Our two new initiatives will align with Project Alpha and/or Go to High School, Go to College.

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